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Ordering Information

Our titles may be ordered:

  • through our online shopping basket system,
  • by fax or by mail.

Online Shopping

While browsing through our online catalogue, click on the "Add to Basket" button to place an item in your shopping basket. Enter the desired quantity, then click on the "Recalculate" button to update the amounts shown.

Important – Select the place of delivery. The calculation of taxes and shipping charges is based on this information. (Click on "Recalculate" after changing the destination.)

If you order from outside the Canada/Continental USA zone, select a shipment method, either by "surface" (ground or boat) for the least expensive service, or by airmail for a speedier delivery.

To remove an item from the basket, either enter "0" for the quantity, or check the "Delete" checkbox, then click on "Recalculate."

To return to the page you were viewing when you entered the Shopping Basket page, click on "Back to Catalogue."

When you are ready to send your order, click on the "Pay with PayPal" button. You will be brought to PayPal’s website to confirm your purchase and provide the required information to complete the transaction.

Please note that we never handle any information about your credit card or banking account. This sensitive information is handled in PayPal’s website, which is secured using SSL technology in order to protect your privacy.

Also please note that you don’t have to open a PayPal account in order to make a credit card payment.

Fax orders

To order our products by fax, please download and print the Order Form in PDF format, and fax it to us at 514.739.2717.

Mail Orders

To order our products by mail, please download and print the Order Form in PDF format.

A Handy Tip To Avoid Mistakes

Even if you prefer to send your order by fax or mail, you may still find it useful to use the shopping basket interface. Let our software calculate taxes and shipping; just don’t click on the "Pay with PayPal" button.

Residents of the European Community

We have been delivering to Europe for more than 15 years.

Two ways to order:

  1. Order directly from the website and pay using the PayPal service.
  2. Print the order form and pay by cheque in euros from a French bank account.
    There are no additional fees for this option. To know the total price for your order in euros, you may write to us at, or use this Currency Converter.

Shipping Charges

No shipping fees for products in digital PDF format.

  • To Canada:
    Québec and Ontario: $7.95
    Other provinces: $8.95
  • To Europe:
    Surface shipping – 15% of total order price (minimum $15.00 or approx. 9.85 euros)
    By airmail – 30% of total order price (minimum $30.00 or approx. 19.80 euros)
  • United States: 12% of total order price (minimum $10.00)
    Accelerated Parcel Shipping

Prices shown in this website are the prices before taxes. Canadian sales taxes do not apply to sales outside of Canada. GST applies to orders anywhere in Canada. Québec sales tax applies to certain items, as well as to titles in digital format and shipping fees, only for orders shipped within the province of Québec.


Free shipping on orders $49 and up in Canada

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