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More Efficient Than Flash Cards for Sight Words Reading


Ages: Kindergarten – Grade 1

Baraka (vocabulary game)
Up to 32 Players
Strengthens vocabulary, reading and phonics skills.
The game is effective at different levels of learning and can be used all year-round.


  • 32 double-sided game boards
  • 64 calling cards
  • Instructions

UV-coated: $14.95

Baraka, Take-Home Version
1 to 4 players (lotto)

UV-coated:: $10.95

Builds phonic awareness and provides
a foundation for reading proficiency.

Five levels of play:

Level 1 : Builds vocabulary: the game leader shows the picture on the calling card.

Level 2 : Develops oral discrimination: the game leader calls out the name of the picture without showing it.

Level 3 : Promotes the acquisition of initial sound fluency: the game leader asks for pictures whose name starts with "M" like Mother.

Level 4 : Introduces reading : only the written word is shown. Players must find the same word on their game board.

Level 5 : The picture is shown without naming it. Players must visualise its spelling and find it on their game board.



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